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environment, Sustainability
05 March 2015

Engaging citizens for the future of seas and oceans

Promoting aquaculture as part of Europe’s shared culture, history and future. P.A.U Education is in charge of communication for the European Commission on the future of seas and oceans (Directorate-General of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) - DG MARE.

09 March 2015

EdTech 20 2015: Interview with the CEO of busuu, EdTech 2014 winner

Online Engagement
06 March 2015

Operating the European gateway to innovative learning

Education in the Digital Era. P.A.U Education designs and operates the Open Education Europa Platform. Part of the European Commission’s Opening up Education initiative , this dynamic, cutting-edge platform is the largest single gateway to Open Education Resources (OER).

The Open Education Europa team leaded the online discussion.
03 March 2015

P.A.U. Education co-organises the EMOOCs 2015 conference

Designing new learning experiences. The EMOOCs 2015 conference will take place from 18 - 20 May in Mons (Belgium). More than 450 participants from all over Europe will gather to discuss the latest trends in innovative learning.

financial education
03 March 2015

P.A.U. Education partners with Global Money Week

Financial literacy for young people P.A.U. Education is a partner of Child Finance International , the organiser of Global Money Week , which starts on 9 March 2015.

Citizenship Education, Healthy Living
02 March 2015

P.A.U. Education is a member of EIT Health

The leading European consortium for innovation in healthy living and active ageing

Road Safety and Mobility
02 March 2015

The main European initiative on road safety

Encouraging innovative practices to change road safety behaviours

Citizenship Education, youth
02 March 2015

Why do young people drink?

A new P.A.U. Education book by Jean-Pascal Assailly

healthy lifestyle
02 March 2015

Promoting healthy habits in Europe

P.A.U. Education designs and operates We Love Eating! – a major initiative that has begun as an experimental project in seven European cities: Banská Bystrica (Slovakia), Bradford (UK), Cluj Napoca (Romania), Deventer (Netherlands), Granollers (Spain), Poznań (Poland) and Roncq (France).

02 March 2015

Challenges and predictions: Infographics on what's to come for EdTech (II)