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Road Safety and Mobility
02 March 2015

The main European initiative on road safety

Encouraging innovative practices to change road safety behaviours

Citizenship Education, youth
02 March 2015

Why do young people drink?

A new P.A.U. Education book by Jean-Pascal Assailly

healthy lifestyle
02 March 2015

Promoting healthy habits in Europe

P.A.U. Education designs and operates We Love Eating! – a major initiative that has begun as an experimental project in seven European cities: Banská Bystrica (Slovakia), Bradford (UK), Cluj Napoca (Romania), Deventer (Netherlands), Granollers (Spain), Poznań (Poland) and Roncq (France).

02 March 2015

Challenges and predictions: Infographics on what's to come for EdTech (II)

01 March 2015

God bless your cell phone

24 February 2015

Challenges and predictions: Infographics on what's to come for EdTech (I)

20 February 2015

Education is a carnival: the "Brazilian touch”

photo by Luiz Fernando Reis/Flickr Creative Commons License - See more at:
17 February 2015

Think with Things: Happy Memories of the OEC Tour

13 February 2015

Innovate in education with Philae

“Equipping young people with the skills to achieve their full potential, participate in an increasingly interconnected global economy, and ultimately convert better jobs into better lives is a central preoccupation of policy makers around the world.” This sentence by the OECD Secretary General...

Philae Landing
12 February 2015

2015: The Year of Excellence

Education policymakers dream about excellence: better teachers, better learners, better resources will almost magically end years of turmoil: high youth unemployment, increasing school dropouts, burnt out teachers…

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