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02 February 2015

The use of video in MOOCs: new tool or disruptive innovation?

26 January 2015

The world upside-down

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23 January 2015

Some Incubation Insights and 2015 Resolutions (I)

08 January 2015

We are Charlie

02 January 2015

2015: the year of excellence

Miguel Gallardo
17 December 2014

Last Stop: Brussels

17 December 2014

The OEC teams distinguished as 'European Edtech Startups of the Year'

The seven Open Education Challenge startups were distinguished as “European edtech startups of the year” last Thursday 11 December in Brussels, during the EU conference, Education in the Digital Era .

Ullmo Puttnam Prats Monné
innovation, education
17 December 2014

Video recordings and materials from Education in the Digital Era conference now online

The Education in the Digital Era conference took place on 11 December 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. Ministers, heads of educational institutions and education innovators convened to discuss the opportunities and challenges of adapting education to a faster-changing digital society and economy. They...

Education in the Digital Era
MOOCs, web skills
15 December 2014

MOOCs offer an accessible and flexible way for learners to acquire job-specific web skills

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are a valuable medium in building urgently needed web and IT skills. They can help meet the high demand in such qualifications across Europe. However, improved recognition is necessary to seize the full potential of MOOCs. These are the main results of the...

MOOCs for webskills
14 December 2014

All you need is love